ERAC Approved

Text2Reader has now received official approval for BC schools by ERAC, the BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium. This resource "extensively" supports the BC curriculum and the activity and assignments that accompany the texts are very much based on English Language Arts learning outcomes.

In an in-depth evaluation, ERAC said, in part:

"The resource is visually appealing, and not so text dense as to be intimidating to middle school students. The graphic elements are helpful to enhance the meaning of the texts, and the questions and activities are based on current strategies for teaching reading, writing and thinking. It is suitable for individual use or for whole classroom instruction." "This product supports BC's key areas of learning: reading, social responsibility and writing. Every issue is organized around a theme, and each consistently includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic text and readers theatre. The content is engaging to the middle school age level, as well as reluctant or struggling readers in higher grades. Much of it is based upon social issues, which students find interesting and applicable."

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