Bear Market Teachers' Guide

Bear Market Teachers' Guide


Bear Market Teachers' Guide


Michele Martin Bossley

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Bear Market Teachers' Guide (pages 1-6)

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Summary: This Teachers' Guide presents strategies for teaching reluctant readers in middle school. The guide includes:

  • Discussion topics and themes: poaching, animal activists, endangered species
  • Creative writing exercise: journal entry 
  • Art project: exploration of themes 
  • Research topics: urbanization and bear populations

Book Summary: While volunteering at the local zoo, Robyn, Nick and Trevor learn that grizzly bears are being poached and their gall bladders removed for use in alternative medicine. Always ready to solve a mystery, the kids set out to find the poachers. Bear is not only big game, they learn, but big money to poachers. The stakes are high and the suspects many, as the kids head into their most dangerous adventure yet.

The Teachers' Guide for Alibi is free to download and copy. The book can be purchased online from Orca Book Publishers in the United States and in Canada or from most retail and wholesale booksellers.

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Bear Market Teachers' Guide