Crossbow Teachers' Guide

Crossbow Teachers' Guide


Crossbow Teachers' Guide


Dayle Campbell Gaetz

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Crossbow Teachers' Guide (pages 1-8)

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Summary: This Teachers' Guide presents strategies for teaching reluctant readers in middle school. The guide includes:

  • Discussion topics and themes: wilderness survival, poaching
  • Creative writing exercises: journal entry, short story
  • Environmental challenge: greenhouse gas reduction 
  • Research topics: endangered species, climate change

Book Summary: Fourteen-year-old Matt has only one goal in life: to become a hermit. He has no use for school, but he loves the solitude of the forest. When he hikes up to the cabin he built for himself, he discovers a mysterious stranger named Forrest has moved in. At first Matt doesn’t connect Forrest’s appearance to the rash of local robberies. Forrest seems to be the perfect hermit, and he teaches Matt the skills he needs to achieve his goal, including how to hunt with a crossbow. But when Forrest tries to kill an endangered Roosevelt elk, Matt questions the ethics of his new friend. When Matt discovers a stolen rifle in his cabin, he finds himself trapped in a dangerous situation.

The Teachers' Guide for Crossbow is free to download and copy. The book can be purchased online from Orca Book Publishers in the United States and in Canada or from most retail and wholesale booksellers.

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Crossbow Teachers' Guide