Explore Teachers' Guide

Explore Teachers' Guide


Explore Teachers' Guide


Christy Goerzen

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Explore Teachers' Guide (pages 1-6)

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Summary: This Teachers' Guide presents strategies for teaching reluctant readers in middle school. The guide includes:

  • Discussion topics and themes: outdoor adventures, first impressions
  • Team-building exercises: communication and problem-solving
  • Science project: predator and prey ecosystems 
  • Research topics: Earth's magnetic field, history of the compass

Book Summary: When Mike Longridge gets himself in trouble yet again, he is given a choice: juvenile detention or an outdoor program called Explore. He opts for Explore, but soon finds himself wondering how he is going to survive ten months with the hippies and keeners in the program. He’s never felt so out of place and is certain he will never get the hang of the outdoor activities. Will Mike go back to his old trouble-making ways or will he finally find a place to belong?

The Teachers' Guide for Explore is free to download and copy. The book can be purchased online from Orca Book Publishers in the United States and in Canada or from most retail and wholesale booksellers.

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Explore Teachers' Guide