Farmed Out Teachers' Guide

Farmed Out Teachers' Guide


Farmed Out Teachers' Guide


Christy Goerzen

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Farmed Out Teachers' Guide (pages 1-4)

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Summary: This Teachers' Guide presents strategies for teaching reluctant readers in middle school. The guide includes:

  • Discussion topics and themes: art, organic farming, friendship
  • Creative writing exercise: personal essay
  • Art project: scene illustration, contests
  • Research topics: farm animals, "New Age" pursuits

Book Summary: Maddie has big-city dreams, and this summer she’s found her chance to visit New York. An art magazine is holding a portrait painting contest, and the first prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to the Big Apple. Maddie plans to win, but her mother has different plans for her: a mother-daughter adventure in organic farming. Maddie is furious. How will she find an inspiring subject for her portrait amid the goat poop and chickens? And worse, her New-Age mother’s attempts at pig reiki are an embarrassment. But Maddie befriends the farmer’s daughter, Anna, and between dodging her mother and doing her chores, she finds the perfect subject for the portrait contest.

The Teachers' Guide for Farmed Out is free to download and copy. The book can be purchased online from Orca Book Publishers in the United States and in Canada or from most retail and wholesale booksellers.

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Farmed Out Teachers' Guide