Junkyard Dog Teachers' Guide

Junkyard Dog Teachers' Guide


Junkyard Dog Teachers' Guide


Monique Polak

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Junkyard Dog Teachers' Guide (pages 1-8)

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Summary: This Teachers' Guide presents strategies for teaching reluctant readers in middle school. The guide includes:

  • Discussion topics and themes: animal rights, responsibilities
  • Social responsibility exercise: class swap meet
  • Community project: volunteering at local animal shelter
  • Research topics: dog breeds and owner lifestyles, alopecia areata

Book Summary:  Justin is fascinated with the aged guard dog at the corner store. He names him Smokey and sneaks the dog treats. Smokey belongs to a company that supplies working dogs to local businesses. Justin is thrilled to get a job working for Smokey’s company, until he learns about their mistreatment of the animals. When Justin can’t shake his suspicion that someone in the company is involved in a rash of thefts, he tries to quit. But Justin knows too much, and his boss won’t let him go.

The Teachers' Guide for Junkyard Dog is free to download and copy. The book can be purchased online from Orca Book Publishers in the United States and in Canada or from most retail and wholesale booksellers.

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Junkyard Dog Teachers' Guide