Text2Reader Resources April 2014

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Exercise 1B: Write It Down—Defining Environmental Activism

Environmental activism isn’t just about protesting and writing letters. It also includes researching and sharing information about activities that harm the natural environment. See the Wikipedia entry below to get a good round-up of different types of activism.

Excercise 2B: Learning About the Tar Sands—How Good Are Your Googling Skills?

Your research essays are only as good as the information you can collect. Learn how to get the best from your online search results.

Excercise 2C: Write It Down—The Expository Essay

Now that you have all your information, check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) site to get tips on writing your essay.

4. Digital Nation: Electric Cars: Vehicle for Change?

Want to learn more about greenhouse gas emissions? Check out the US EPA site below and the video on the Story of Stuff project website.

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