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Exercise 2B: Making Meaning—Living Large

The average size of the North American home has soared over the last few decades. In the 1960s, families of five would live together in less than 1000 square feet. Kids would share bedrooms, and everyone used one bathroom. Over time, however, society decided that bigger is better. But is it really?

Average House Size By Country:

Excercise 2C: Write It Down—Reexamining Our Lifes

What if you had supreme powers of persuasion and could convince North Americans to live in the way you think makes the most sense? Well, now’s your chance

3B: Extending the Learning—Slums Around the World

A slum is a crowded settlement at the edge of a large city, where residents live in poor-quality shelters with limited access to sanitation services and clean water. Crime is high. About one third of the urban population in the developing world lives in slums. That’s about 863,000,000 people—nearly three times the population of the United States.

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