Text2Reader Resources February 2014

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Exercise 2A: The Author's Craft—Deconstructing Dialogue

Good dialogue can develop characters, move the story forward, and often helps us get a clear picture of a scene. It shows us what the characters are like, how they interact with each other and what they want. Plus, dialogue is more fun to read than big blocks of narrative! Here are some websites that break down the basics of writing good dialogue.

Excercise 3A: Write It Down—The Short Summary

Here are some websites with information about Martin Luther King Jr. and his work.

Being able to impart key information about a topic in a concise summary is an important life skill. Better to be brief than to be boring! Use the next website to help you write a summary of what you've learned about Martin Luther King Jr.

Excercise 3B: In Conversation—The Author-Artist Process

Watch the video below and then use the questions provided in the Text2Reader issue to start discussion.