Text2Reader Resources January 2013

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Exercise 1A: Making Meaning—face to Face with Homelessness
Learn more about the causes of homelessness

Exercise 1B: Watching a TED Talk—"The Year I Was Homeless"
American journalist Becky Blanton spent a year living in her van—and feeling like a total social outcast. In this activity, you’ll have a chance to watch her TED talk and reflect on the challenges she faced during her period of homelessness.

Exercise 1C: Write It Down—Blogging the Truth
A lot of organizations and individuals are trying to make life better for homeless people. But not many of them have ever walked a mile in a homeless person’s shoes.

Exercise 2B: Write It Down—From the Mouths of Dogs
Writers can manipulate the feel of a passage by playing around with point of view. In this creative writing activity, you get to choose who’s telling the story.

Exercise 2D: Extending the Learning—Help for Homeless Dogs
In No Shelter Here, author Rob Laidlaw includes information about some of the people who are working hard to make street dogs’ lives better. One such person is Ayna Agarwal, who you read about in the passage. Many others operate dog rescue programs. In fact, there’s probably one in your city.

Exercise 3B: Sketching Out—Developing the Graphic Story
The main character in “The Last Hit” is facing some pretty tough challenges. What went wrong? What brought him to this place? What are those demons he’s running from? Is he ever going to find his way out? That’s up to you.

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