Text2Reader Resources March 2012

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Exercise 1B: Making Meaning—Venn Diagram
Venn Diagrams are powerful tools to organize your thinking. Learn more about creating Venn Diagrams at www.homeworktips.about.com

Exercise 1C: You're the Boss—Changing the Rules
You’ve probably heard the expression: “Only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.” Taxes, we need. But death? Death is never a good thing—and, like taxes, there’s no avoiding it. But...what if there was?
Use the following links to learn more about protest songs (part 2 of this exercise) and conducting a great interview (part 3).

Famous songs that carry a political or social message:

Famous ballads that tell a story:

Tips for Great Interviews:


Section 3: Digital Nation
As a media user, it's your job to critically assess each website to figure out whether you can trust the information. Use these tools to evaluate any site you come across.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Keeping Track of Your Research

Exercise 4B: Extending the Learning

Getting Started with Bully Management

Online Search Skills

Exercise 5A: Bringing the Script to Life
In section 2 of this month's T2R, Simon Whitfield showed us how visualization is an important part of improving your performance. To perform better Readers Theater, then, it’s important to observe others. Watching others helps you figure out what the readers do to create a strong and engaging performance. Then you can incorporate these into your own reading.

Readers Theater Performances (videos will open from YouTube)

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