Text2Reader Resources March 2013

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Exercise 1B: Making Connections
Text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world…connections are all around us. They’re what make stories interesting to read and movies interesting to watch—because we imagine ourselves or people we know facing similar situations. Here is some background info on the Great Depression.

Exercise 2C: Write It Down—The Research Essay

Time to hit the web. In this activity, you’re going to dust off your research skills to learn a little bit more about women’s history—and you’re going to share it in a well-written essay. If you're not sure how to write a bibliography, check the following link.

Exercise 3C: Media Mashup—The Objectification of Women
When we see and treat other people as objects, we call it objectifying them. “What?” you say. “I don’t treat anybody as an object.” Think again. Have you ever bullied a classmate? Used someone to get what you want? Made fun of someone who looks different? Follow the link to the documentary trailer for Killing Us Softly, about how women are often treated as objects, both in the media and by the wider culture. Watch it at least twice. After you have watched the clip, click on "Media Coverage of Women and Women’s Issues" from the MediaSmarts website. Read the article.

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