Text2Reader Resources March 2014

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Exercise 1B: The Author's Craft—Finessing the Flashback

It’s a risk to interrupt the story to show the reader something from the past. You might lose your reader’s interest. Here are some tips for maintaining your reader’s interest during a flashback.

Excercise 2C: Author Study—Bilaal Rajan

Read up on Bilaal Rajan, his life, and his amazing fundraising work.

Excercise 4B: Debating the Value of Microlending

Even though we use the term arguments for the points you’ll be speaking to, a debate is not a fight! It’s an opportunity to build your case to the strongest and most logical conclusion. Here are two websites to help develop your debate skills.

Now that you know how to debate, use the following websites to gather facts to support your arguments for and against microlending.

Excercise 4C: Thinking Critically—Putting Your Money to Its Best Use

You’ve got twenty-five imaginary dollars in your bank account to spend. Your job is to direct your money to the business you believe will do the greatest good. Use the links below to learn how Kiva works and to choose a business that you think would most benefit from your loan.

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