Text2Reader Resources March 2015

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Exercise 1C: Extending the Learning—A Spectrum of Success

Surely you’ve heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. How about Albert Einstein? You might even know the name Temple Grandin. Whether as artists, business people or educators, many people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder have contributed significantly to our world.

Excercise 2B: Making Change—It's Time to Retire "Retarded"

Sometimes we use words because we hear other people using them, and we figure it’s okay. The word “retarded” is like that: you hear it a lot. But that doesn’t make it right.

3B: Making Meaning—Emphasizing Empathy

Audio makes the world of books accessible. After all, not everyone loves reading or is able to process written information visually. Audiobooks remove barriers, allowing more people to enjoy a text. Can you think of anyone in
your world who might enjoy listening to a book instead of reading it?

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