Text2Reader Resources May 2013

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Exercise 2C: Making Meaning—Becoming the Journalist
In this age of information, we are surrounded by facts, opinions and everything in between. Being a critical consumer of information means looking beyond the text at who authored it.

Exercise 3B: Just Talk About It—Shifting Family Values
All for one and one for all? Or every person for themselves? The family has seen a lot of change over the past couple of centuries, especially in North America. What makes it so? And is it a good thing?

Exercise 4B: Thinking Critically—How's This Thing Work, Anyway?
Imagine someone hands you a small, slow-moving blob of white stuff that feels like a cross between warm candle wax and shag carpet. It has no obvious markings other than a couple of extra-long threads that stick out on the side or on the back. They tell you this thingamajig can do your homework for you and implant a memory of it in your brain, so when your teacher asks you what you learned, you can tell her all about it. Awesome! Now, if you could only figure out how this thing works without breaking it, uh…suffocating it…or throwing it out the window in frustration.