Text2Reader Resources May 2014

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Exercise 1B: Mobile Delivery—Designing a Game

In his training with Viktor, Sam performs game-like drills to help him dodge traffic as he makes his deliveries. What if you could design a game that would train a courier to do his or her job better?

Exercise 1C: Innovation Station—Creating Safer Roads for Riders

Even if you're not dodging traffic to deliver envelopes, bicycling in an urban center can be a dangerous undertaking. Drivers are in a rush and streets are more crowded than ever.

Excercise 1D: Your Turn—Delivering a TED Talk

You’ve probably heard of TED talks. TED is an acronym that stands for Technology, Education and Design – and it’s been around since 1984. TED talks present some of the world’s best thinking about a variety of ideas ranging from science to human relationships to math and movies. In this activity, you’ll be delivering a TED-type talk.