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Section 2: Audio Text

In this excerpt, Steve reads two entries in his grandfather's diary from the Spanish Civil War, as he and Laia retrace the young man’s steps. As the troops advance against the Fascist enemy—confronting death and destruction at every turn—the young soldier begins to realize the enormity of war.

Exercise 3A: In Conversation—Talking About Genocide

Imagine being taken away to be starved, tortured or forced to do hard labor just because you and your family belong to a certain ethnic or religious group. It didn’t happen only during the Second World War. Mass killings have occurred many times throughout human history—and they’re still happening today.

Exercise 3B: Extending the Learning—The Debate

There is great value in educated argument. We broaden our minds when we talk about controversial issues with others. And taking a stand on an issue helps you practice your conflict management skills.

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