Text2Reader Resources November 2013

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Exercise 1B: Thinking Critically—Evaluating Petroleum Industry Ads

Watch these 5 TV ads created by big players in the petroleum industry. What message are they trying to send? How are they portraying themselves? What information are they using? Now choose one of the first two ads to analyze.

Excercise 2C: Write It Down—The Persuasive Paragraph

Use the sites provided to get facts to support your arguments. The first two sites address the subject of CEO salaries. The last two look at the impact of oil industry in the Niger Delta.

Exercise 3A: When Woo Got Sick—Pollutants in our Environment
Below is a short artical about marine pollution and its effects on other organisms.

Excercise 3B: Words and Pictures—The World Since Emily Carr
Use the sites below to get a sense of the world in which Emily Carr lived and how she perceived that world.

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