Text2Reader Resources November 2014

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Exercise 1C: From Bookshelf to Big Screen—The Movie Version

Many books get turned into movies, especially books that have proven popular or enduring over time. A great story can sometimes be made even better by adapting it for film.

Excercise 1D: Making Meaning—The Story Spine

Just as your body can't do without a spine, a film requires a backbone too. This is the central conflict that the larger story is built around.

Excercise 2A: Cut to the Chase—Writing a Screenplay

Movies appeal to us because they show life at its most exciting. Hollywood skips right over the boring parts. Instead of ho-hum, the characters' lives feel action-packed and emotionally intense. In the passage from Jump Cut, Spencer's screenplay shows a different story than the one that's actually happening to him (although that's admittedly quite exciting too!).

Exercise 2B: The Silver Screen—Making a Movie

People love movies because they tell a story in words and pictures. They love the movies with impressive special effects and huge budgets, but audiences also love the simplicity of stop-motion animation—or even cartoon-style flipbooks.

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