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September 2013: Democracy

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Exercise 1C: Debate: Civil Disobedience
There’s nothing like politics to get people all hot under the collar. Everybody’s got an opinion about how this world ought to be run. We’re sure you do, too

Exercise 1D: Extending the Learning—Investigating Civil Disobedience
Without people courageous enough to engage in and lead others in acts of civil disobedience, our world would look quite different than it does today. In this activity, you’ll get up close and personal with a few more examples of the power of human protest.

Exercise 2A: Thinking Critically—Forget Civil...This is Just Disobedience
Have you ever felt yourself swept along with the crowd even though you didn’t really agree with what was going on? It can be scary when people abandon their better judgment in order to fit in. Author Diane Tullson used real-life events as inspiration for Riot Act (the 2011 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, BC, when the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins).

Exercise 3B: Sketching Out—Creating Disorder in Ancient Greece
What would civil disobedience have looked like in Ancient Greek times? Up to you

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